Enjoy our healthy ,fat and hormone –free meat from the plains of the Karoo! Here at Karoo Flavours we use recipes passed down from generations of family chefs who used only natural ingredients and the sun to preserve what was available from the land. Notes of coriander, cloves and nutmeg with a touch of wine vinegar bring to mind the Aga stove and cold, starry Karoo winter nights. Vacuum packed and sealed to retain optimum flavour, these products last well in deep freezes so they can be enjoyed at any season of the year.


Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is a mild flavoursome low fat Indian curry made from white meat with gentle nuances of dhania, natural yogurt, green chillies and butter. Delicious when served with Jasmine rice .Add fresh chopped dhania to pop the flavour when serving

Chicken Vindaloo

Chicken Vindaloo, a full bodied Indian curry with undertones of ginger, cumin and cayenne pepper is best served with Indian flat bread.


Three cheese chicken lasagne

With its strong Italian persona Three cheese chicken lasagne includes Mozzarella,Cheddar and Parma cheese with a gentle infusion of dry white wine.Ideal as a main course served with a Sauvignon Blanc, crusty bread and a green salad.

Chicken Tetrazzini

Chicken Tetrazzini is an old Italianfamily favourite, very popular with every one especially the young! Pasta ,mushrooms and cheese  form a moreish flavour when the cream is added.Ideal as a family supper dish!

Spicy chicken enchiladas

The Spicy chicken enchiladas are an inspiration from Mexico and the onion, sour cream, Cheddar cheese, parsley, oregano and ground black pepper and chillies create a boost of flavour that goes down well with everyone. Great with dry white wine or a light lager!

Chicken Dishes Cooking Instructions:

  • Most of the meals are ready- cooked and can merely be defrosted and popped into the micro-wave for 3 minutes on high.
  • The containers are microwaveable but the plastic top needs to be removed before popping into the oven.
  • Some dishes require oven baking for the final round. Read the instructions on the oval labels first
  • For the best results defrost the products for at least an hr before heating in the microwave.


Meaty Lasagne

Our ever popular Meaty Lasagne is made from low fat meat and a rich tomato, basil and oregano based sauce .No commercial additives for this recipe from Italy. Kids and adults alike love it. Topped with Cheddar and Parmesan; this is meaty Italian flavour at its best!


The meat and spinach stuffed Cannelloni tubes covered in basil infused tomato sauce and smothered in Mozzarella are an Italian feast for the palate. Spinach picked fresh from the garden add to the wholesome value of the dish.

Roast Vegetable Lasagne

To cater for the vegetarians or as a simple roast vegetable dish at  the braai, try the Roast Vegetable Lasagne .Included are red and green peppers, butternut, onion and sweet potatoes oven roasted to perfection and covered in rich tomato and basil  sauce .

Pasta Cooking Instructions

  • Pasta needs to be baked in the oven for best results
  • Defrost the frozen dish
  • Remove the plastic lid and bake for 20-25 minutes at 180⁰C in the tinfoil container
  • Allow the pasta to rest for 5-10 minutes before dishing up.
  • Pasta dishes can also be decanted while frozen into your own dishes and cooked to perfection.


Old fashioned goodness in a crust!

Mutton Pies

Mutton Pies that recall the honest flavours of real uncontaminated goodness is our trade mark.

Covered in a rosemary flavoured scone crust and cooked with coriander, mustard and allspice the Karoo bursts into life with every bite! Served with green beans and pumpkin fritters this goes down well with a Merlot or Cinsaut.

Venison Pies

Free Ranging Venison cooked slowly to release the red wine, coriander nutmeg and cloves forms the basis of our Venison Pies. Covered in hand made puff pastry, this is a lasting memory of how things used to be!


Cottage pies

Cottage pies are simple meals with great nutritional value.Our low fat but tasty vegetable rich pies with butternut and potato mash topping are popular with every age group.


Bobotie is part of our culinary heritage and needs to be rich in spices from Jamaica to do it justice. Star aniseed and cardamom make fine bedfellows with the plump raisins and chutney that  give our Bobotie the edge!


Chicken pies

We do 2 kinds of chicken pies. The phyllo crusted white meat pies are for the weight conscious and are infused with lemon and yoghurt. The flaky pastry chicken pies are loaded with rich flavours of mushroom, rosemary and onion.

Raw Venison

Venison Wellington

In Venison Wellington we use the fillet of large game (kudu/Gemsbok) or the sirloin of small game (Springbok/Impala) and add a delicious mushroom and herb infused cover  around the meat before encasing it in flaky pastry. Pop into the oven and wait for the grins to appear! This is so special, it should wear a crown!

Deboned leg of Venison

Venison is tender meat and as such should be treated delicately. The ready to braai Deboned leg of Venison comes in its sauce and should just be defrosted and braaied on medium hot coles for approx .10 minutes per side. Allow it to rest before carving into thin slices. Serve with mustard or pepper sauce. Delicious with Pinotage!

Bacon wrapped sirloins

The Bacon wrapped sirloins are exactly what we say they are! The sirloins are stuffed with mushroom and feta puree before being wrapped in bacon. A quick braai over the coles with a pepper sauce of your choice and you will be eating like a king!




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