Karoo Flavours

Those who live in this arid landscape understand the rhythms of the seasons, the limitations of the water, the harshness of droughts and the intensity of the heat. They know that somewhere between the dry river beds, the flowering Acacias and the verdant Karoo bushes lies a unique flavour secret that permeates the meat and imparts an inimitable gastronomic terroir.








Sharing this experience are Linda and Blair Henderson, fifth generation Karoo farmers who understand the subtle flavours of this meat secret.

Nature has already given you her share. We honour her by complimenting the products with a heartfelt passion, using only natural and uncomplicated cooking and curing methods


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Karoo Flavours_Lindy Truter (451)

Authentic Karoo

Here the delicate nuances of flavoursome herbs and the richness of naturally reared meat marry to produce one of Mother nature’s best epicurean mysteries.

Every bite will recall a beautiful moment from gran’s kitchen. Every mouthful, a memory of a pink sky at dusk…

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